Youth Section

The creation of a youth section in Basel in 2019.The kids section was for kids from 4 to 14 years. The training was the Sunday morning in a park or on the rugby pitch.
Under the impulsion of a Cork man, Paul Lynch, the club launch the first youth training in  early May 2019 and follow at 5 other training in May-June. This first set of training finished with a kids day in the Paddy Reilly’s Bar.This first set of training involve more than 25 kids.
A second set of training was plan from end of August 2019 until end of October 2019. This second set give the opportunity to the kids to improve their skill in Gaelic football and in Hurling. Some training on the rugby pitch give the kids the opportunity to play games with post.



For any question concerning the youth section of Basel GAA, don’t hesitate to ask at the contact email.